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19/11/2020Bounty Campaign

We are glad to announce bounty campaign which will last for 60 days: 23/11/20 – 24/01/21. Here is the bounty thread at Bitcointalk. Hunters, you know what to do! Complete easy tasks and get royal rewards! All hunters will automatically benefit from project features such as dividends and random bonuses! Get up to 100% on your balance!
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Coinsbit is a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange, ranked in top 35 by CoinMarketCap, with daily volume more than 250 million USD (23/10/2020). According to SimilarWeb Coinsbit has about 170,000 unique visitors per day.
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BitOfTrade opened new deposit service for BTF holders. The service provides high profitable deposits with 1 to 12 months period and annual rate up to 80% in BTF. At the first stage of the project a special fund of 200,000 BTF was transferred to the deposit smart contract. The fund may not be withdrawan and will be used only for the holder deposits rewards.
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ERC20 token BTF is deployed in MainNet - start of the BitOfTrade project! The project goal is a token, traded in a number of markets, providing high price performance and deposits functionality.
BTF token in Etherscan, BTF token in Github