AllPay crypto

Secure crypto payment solution for prompt transactions.
Empower your online business with decentralized blockchain payments!


With decentralized AllPay crypto system users can pay with digital assets directly without intermediaries. The AllPay crypto gateway is powered by decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability of transactions.

Pay with any token

The crypto payment processing allows users to make purchases using any token of their choice, while automatically converting the tokens for the convenience of sellers and buyers.


Integrate the AllPay crypto gateway into your existing infrastructure. With easy installation and configuration, our plugin empowers you to expand your payment options effortlessly.


Empower your business with our payment system API. Seamlessly integrate our solution into your platform for a frictionless payment experience.


The AllPay crypto gateway can be customized to seamlessly integrate with the website design, ensuring a cohesive user experience that matches the color scheme and style of the website.
Slippage limit
The bitoftrade AllPay crypto gateway allows the buyer to set the maximum slippage. Slippage can be limited, and the purchase will be made only if the final price satisfies the buyer.
Multiple networks
The advantage of accepting AllPay cryptos on various blockchain networks is that merchants can accept payments on any network, while users have the convenience of transacting on different networks for their payment options.
You have any questions regarding AllPay crypto solutions? Don't know how to accept AllPay cryptos? The bitoftrade support team is here to help!

Admin panel

With the admin panel, sellers can easily view and manage all crypto transactions on their website. Admin panel is a tool to monitor and control the crypto transactions happening within online business. This AllPay crypto gateway is simple to integrate and does not require any coding knowledge!

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