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How It Works


  • Rewards are transferred to holders every 2 weeks.
  • If purchased at Coinsbit, the tokes must be withdrawn to an external ETH account.
  • You must have at least 10 BTF on your account to get rewards. Otherwise, you will miss the current payout but will be checked again in the next one.
  • The maximal amount for reward calculation is 1000 BTF. If the balance is greater than 1000 BTF the payment will be calculated based on 1000 BTF.


Balance (BTF)
Holding Period (weeks)
Estimated Balance (BTF)
NOTE: this calculation is only an estimate and reduces over time.

BTF Performance

Based on Coinsbit BTF/ETH last 30 days data
Open High Low Last Change Volume
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About BitOfTrade

BitOfTrade - the future of saving money!

Every week BitOfTrade issues weekly rewards to BTF holders depending on the holder balance and holding time.
All you need is to buy BTF tokens and your account will start generating your weekly rewards! See how it works.

ERC-20 Standar

BTF token operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

BTF is interoperable with the DeFi ecosystem and provides all standard cryptocurrency features!

Fully Transparent

BTF transactions are visible on ETH block explorer and cannot be falsified or removed.

Explore BTF Smart Contract in block explorer.

Get BTF Today

Start trading in 5 minutes!

Buy BTF on Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange or purchase it directly using your MetaMask wallet (no registration required).

Attractive Staking

You can earn up to 100% interest rates when you stake and deposit your BTF.

Explore BTF Deposit Smart Contract in blockexplorer.

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