Enjoying on-chain trading, with much lower fees

A DEX with VERY low gas fees and no price slippage. A CEX with the security level of a blockchain. This is us. Meet BitOfTrade.

  • Trade more than 80 most popular crypto tokens directly from your wallet
  • Securely trade on-chain, with the lowest gas fees among DEXs
  • Use the advantages of margin trading
  • Become a part of our hybrid exchange with our revenue-sharing model

Exchange in a quick and convenient way

BitOfTrade is a simple and secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
All you need is to connect your Metamask or any other ETH Wallet to trade on our platform.

What we offer

BitOfTrade combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike centralized exchanges, all your funds stay in your wallet, no registration is required and the gas fees are MUCH lower than most DEXs. Moreover, you don't need to worry about price slippage, since prices are tied to real-time Binance's.


Centralized exchange
  • Exchange controls funds
  • No anonymity
  • Very low trading fee


Decentralized exchange
  • User controls funds
  • Full anonymity
  • High gas fees

Hybrid exchange
  • User controls funds
  • Full anonymity
  • Advanced features
  • Lowest gas fees among DEXs

About BitOfTrade

  • BitOfTrade is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, where everyone can benefit from it's unique revenue sharing model.
  • Profits generated from trading operations will be fully distributed among system native token holders.
  • 50% of BitOfTrade revenue will be distributed among BTF holders on monthly basis.

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