February 26, 2023

bitoftrade Launches New DeFi Services for Developers, Businesses and Traders


bitoftrade is a crypto-focused project that aims to carve out a niche in the decentralized finance industry.

Our team strives to push the boundaries and create a universal platform that people can freely use for their needs.

We started as a trading exchange platform, a unique DEX in the DeFi market, offering not only simple swap transactions, but also trades with high leverage up to 20x and advanced orders with stop loss and take profit. The developers of the bitoftrade trading app aimed to wrap all these tools in a super simple and friendly interface accessible for all types of crypto traders.

Our improvement pace did not stop — for the convenience of the user experience, the development team introduced the Markets screener and fiat-to-crypto exchanger in partnership with Guardarian. The Markets screener informs users about trading statistics collected in one place like CoinMarketCap.

The big goal of bitoftrade is to make all the necessary trading tools, financial services and information easily found in one place. With just a few clicks.

It seems that we are already successfully fulfilling this task. At least for trading, we have prepared an application that does not require users to walk around third-party sites in search of the necessary tools and data. bitoftrade aims to offer a decentralized solution where users are protected, which is why we utilize proven protocols like Paraswap, 0x and dYdX.

The Latest bitoftrade Products

Today, we continue to evolve. Now, bitoftrade is getting more oriented towards new audiences. Who are they? Developers of decentralized applications, online business founders, NFT artists. What features are we going to offer them?

- Cross-Chain Messaging Protocol (CCMP)

CCMP is completely free and a 100% open-source service for developers to build secure services and dApps that can send messages across multiple chains.

It is a quick and easy way to trust events from any chain. It relies on the proof of the event that can be verified and used on blockchain network.

- AllPay Widget with the option to buy and sell crypto tokens

The widget is essentially a mini high-speed exchange embedded into any site requiring fast and low-cost payments. The amazing part is that when implementing our widget, you do not need to have programming superpowers. AllPay Widget is an open-source code that you can just copy-paste into the website.

The AllPay Widget allows clients to connect their wallet and invest any token in the user’s balance for services or buy any other token or NFT without leaving the hosting site. As an available option, the widget may settle in USDT, USDC, or any stablecoin.

- Cross-Chain Swap

The Cross-Chain Swap feature is currently under development.

CCS protocol allows users to swap tokens between multiple networks from any token to any other token with the lowest fees on the market, an intuitive UI, and complete transparency. The protocol provides the best cross-chain swap rates utilizing DEX liquidity on multiple networks.

The purpose of CCS Swap is that you can exchange almost any cryptocurrencies using the separated blockchains networks. Thus, bitoftrade seeks to solve the interoperability problem inherent in the crypto industry.

Let's ask bitoftrade CTO, Alexey Shchur, what he thinks about the new project developments: “Today we're launching a set of solutions that will work for us as a basis for building further on top of them. AllPay Widget, Cross-chain Messaging Protocol — these products we're presenting now are just the tip of the iceberg. They're building blocks that will constitute a full-fledged crypto payments solution with support of inter-chain operations. Stay tuned to not miss out.”

Orianne Blum, one of the leading developers of the bitoftrade team, is confident that our users will like the Cross-Chain Messaging Protocol and AllPay Widget: “Our incredible team continues to break down barriers and make blockchain products accessible to users, development communities, and businesses with simple yet powerful solutions. We’re excited about the ease of use and implementation of our tools and believe this is important for a great product with a great user experience."

About bitoftrade

bitoftrade is a safe, secure, decentralized platform with a differentiated transparent, non-custodial solution offering advanced trading tools accessible for all types of traders. bitoftrade allows users to get more from their crypto portfolio with leverage trading (outside of the U.S.), limit orders, and swaps between all existing tokens on multiple networks with optimized market prices directly from traders’ e-wallets, without registration.

By providing mission critical, fully decentralized solutions on multiple blockchains, bitoftrade provides an improved Binance-like platform that has significant advantages compared to other DEXs. User experience is enhanced, and the Company’s excellent educational collateral bridges the crypto customer support gap, now only a click away via live chat and email. No more waiting for assistance on an account unable to capitalize on market trends.

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